1 in 5 Americans had mental illness in 2009

So 1 in 5 Americans are mentally ill?

Coincidently this is the EXACT number which has been used to identify those in America who consider themselves strongly liberal.

That is is you BELIVE in Coincidence..

Claire Wolfe reminder.

Too early perhaps, but later than they think.  =c=

My First Cavity Search

National Opt-Out day is Nov. 24
It's time to fire the TSA and go back to pre 9/11 security.
It was just as effective and didn't require getting to know the TSA in the biblical sense.

Radioactive rabbit trapped near Richland

That's how it starts, with a cute cuddly bunny, then there is yelling and screaming and blood everywhere.


According to Scientific American, if we don't do something about Global Warming,
"As many as a third of the species known to science may be at risk of extinction if average temperatures rise by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius." .

I was thinking what a tragedy it would be to lose that many critters before we know if they go well with potatoes and gravy.

Just sayin'

Nov 3rd

Can you hear me now?