Shortage of drug stalls executions in U.S.

Dr. Chuck recommends 230 grains of .45 ACP IM directly to the heart as a suitable replacement.

Pb will also cross the blood brain barrier easily if accelerated sufficiently in small controlled groups doses.

Why don't they just come to me first when they have problems like this?

I bet they are still squeamish about was the whole garbage disposal incident.

Visualizing The Propaganda "Error Term" Behind The Bureau Of Labor Statistics

I've wondered about this for a long time.  Really glad that someone finally quantified it.

"in a nutshell, 90%+ of the time the bureau has revised prior claims upward, meaning it consistently strives to create an optimistic picture at the moment, only to have it revised it to its true, uglier state a week later when nobody cares."

If a company did that it would be guilty of fraud.

Governments Lie. (Who would have thunk it.)

"During the Great Depression, government officials, mainstream financial analysts, and global bankers, released press notices and interviews every year for over a decade, all claiming that “recovery” was just around the corner, that good times were back again. Then, we witnessed a world war. A third of the planet was leveled, but America (unlike most countries) came out with its industrial base still intact, and so, we called it a recovery (actually just a reallocation of world assets into one of the few un-scorched nations left) and happily skipped on our way towards the comparably decadent 1950’s.        "    

So how's employment going during this "recovery summer?"

"The World Hurts More Without The Truth
My favorite propaganda trend in the mainstream media today is one directed at researchers like myself who expose the darker side of our economic and political environment. The term “Apocalypse Porn”, or “Doomer Porn”, is rising as the preferred Ad hominem attack on Liberty Movement writers, in place of “conspiracy theorist” which doesn’t seem to be working for them anymore. The MSM apparently spends more time trying to develop ‘memes’ like this than they do actually researching the so called news they propagate. The insinuation is that we either embellish data to make it seem more frightening than it actually is, or, that by reporting on valid but terrible news, we are a “danger” to society, because we perpetuate fear. Basically, it is the beginnings of an argument for suppression of 1st Amendment rights."

Read it all here..

So..  on that happy note.

Carry on.


You better be careful about who you are picking on

The intruder who punched out a Chandler man while stealing beer at a keg party picked the wrong victim.

The man, who had been attempting to defend his wife during the beer theft, had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Fearing for his life and under attack, he pulled out a gun and fatally shot two men believed by police to be gang members early Sunday morning.

The money quote:

"People in Arizona carry guns," said Detective David Ramer, a Chandler police spokesman. "You better be careful about who you are picking on."

It Get's better.

"Chandler police have arrested seven other men and plan to recommend that they be charged not only with robbery but with murder because the slayings occurred during the commission of another crime, Ramer said."

A lot of states don't require that the bad guy does the shooting.   If a killing happens because during the commission of a crime then the all the (remaining) bad guys can be held for murder, even if a non-bad guy was the one doing the shooting.   

Obama calling for more infrastructure spending

"put construction workers, welders, electricians back to work"

Oh.. another payoff to the unions.  Good idea.   They are so popular right now.

"Obama will also call for the creation of a permanent infrastructure bank that would focus on funding national and regional infrastructure projects."

Another government run, government regulated, government bureaucracy run by Obama appointees to find a way to make regular union payments.

JUST what we Tea Party types have been asking for.

I have an idea, that I have boiled down to just a few concise words.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.   

How about we we make it clear that we are going to vote ANYONE that remotely supports this sort of continued BS out of DC so fast their head will spin.  NOTE>> Did I mention PARTY?  No I did not.
WE DON'T CARE WHAT PARTY votes for this crap we care what person does, and will vote against them.  It's the economy stupid..

The immediate needs demands that we deal with congress between now and Nov 2.   With hard work we will have at least put the people in place to achieve gridlock long enough to focus on 2012 and finding someone willing to roll back this craziness.   

At best, we can hope that is is just tactical maneuver hoping to force the Republicans to say NO and the Dems hope that by doing that, they won't be held accountable.   The press will say.. "see, if they didnt say NO, it would all be better..  Bad Republicans.  Bad,Bad... "  To the  the Reps.  We've got your back on this.   Sometimes HELL NO is the correct answer and everyone knows it.

I know.  It's our own fault that we got into this mess.  It is our duty to get ourselves out and as nice as it would be to go back simply voting party lines, those days are over.  From now on.  

Forever.   We have to look at everything any politician does as suspect until proven otherwise.  We have to keep track of everything we can and, no matter how worthy the cause, ask ourselves if this is REALLY the role that the founding fathers expected our government to play.

If the answer is no, the the politician that even suggested it needs to go.   

We have learned a lesson, now it's time to teach it to our elected representatives.



As someone that respects the use of the word  "Vermin" now and then, this sherriff is now on my honorary good guy list for managing to get vermin and UN in the same sentence published..

“Well, it’s just amazing to me,” Dever said. “Course, I have about as much regard for the U.N. as I do the vermin that hides in the rocks around my house here and reaches out and tries to bite me every now and then.”


The old lady is just a training aid ..

A psychological experiment. In theory, the less people available to help, the better your chances of actually getting help. It's amazing how this plays out in real life.

A similar experient is "The Smoke Filled Room" where, if you are alone you might get up and run, but if there are other people there ignoring the smoke, you might also ignore it. (In the video the others were in on the experiment)

So here is how to combat this in your own life, according to chuck..

Anytime you see someone struggling or needing some sort of help. Like. "old lady drops her loaf of bread at the store, or woman trying to get a stroller through a door.." Simple, non dangerous everyday moments..

  1. Turn towards the problem.
  2. Always, always. Take immediate action. Don't look to see if someone else will help.  That someone is you and the time is right now.  If it helps imagine R. Lee Ermy *gently* asking you if you are waiting for an invitation to get your ass moving.
It's not the act of helping the old lady, it's the mental commitment to never hesitate.  Imagine doing it now, then do it when you have the chance.

If you do this every time you have a chance you will be surprised how quickly "immediate action" becomes part of your life.   It doesn't hurt that you also are a better person for it and your wife and neighbors will think of you as a darn nice guy.   "Always the first one to step up and help."

All that goodwill is just a bonus..

Just like every cat is a lion in their heart, Only you will know that you are really a hard core bad ass practicing immediate action drills for emergency situations.


The old lady is just a training aid 

When you are bored.. Go here


Carry on.

The new Civics

I am in favor of every congressman, senator the moment they arrive in Washington are sat down and given a high school civics final that they have to score an 85% or better on, a freshman college level macro and micro economics test that they must score a 85% or better on, and the citizenship test that legal immigrants must pass to get their green cards. If they fail any of these tests they are immediately sent home and their state told to send us someone else. No retests, no second chances and you can't run for that office again for another 20 years.

The more I think about it.   The score on the tests should be THE application to run.

As far as voting ages go - 18 if you are active duty military, all others must be 21.