You're Fired!

I was just thinking.

When the TEA parties started there was a problem with mailing tea bags to our congress critters since it triggered all of the "contaminated/chemical" sensors.

So how about this? Go to Staples or Wall-Mart or wherever and buy a few sheets of pink paper.

Print "Termination Notice" on one side, and on the other list Reasons:

1) Ignoring your oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
2) Supporting TARP, Cap and Trade and the government takeover of health care.
3) Spending our children into a debt that cannot be repaid without massive government control and taxes.

Note: This is not about parties.

I intend to actively contribute to your opponent in any primary election and, should you slip past that, work against you in the general elections. Unless you change your stance, I will vote for Satan himself before I vote for you again.

Sign it. Send it.

I'd think that a pile of pink slips just *might* get noticed.

Contacting Congress link.

Carry on.

Just Thinking.

Since they dropped the provision for funding end of life counseling for the elderly.

Does that me that they will no longer counsel "shovel ready seniors"?

No, health care is NOT a right

The very first thing to do is to go read "Health Care is Not a Right" by by Leonard Peikoff, Ph.D. http://www.bdt.com/pages/Peikoff.html

Oh, we could use some reform for sure, but giving the government any bit of this is nuts.

1) DMV
2) Post Office
3) IRS
4) TSA

That is what you get. Pick one and have them run your health care too.

Tea Party Time.

Find one near you or go to DC on 9/12

Carry on.