“human and systemic failures” were to blame

Obama said that “human and systemic failures” were to blame

I agree, but I'd rather look forward than go back and revisit the last election.

Now that he's had pretty close to a year, how's that "Hope and Change" thing working our for ya?

You know what I think?

I would give him an A++ on gun sales, otherwise, not so good.

There have been two terrorist attacks on or above American soil since he took office. The news says that the number of attempts that have been thwarted have risen dramatically.

The problem is that perceived weakness is dangerous. It leads to people believing that they can get away with things.

So far, I can't blame them for feeling that way.

Obama responded to the arrest of the Proffesor Gates almost immediately. It took him three days to respond to the underwear bomber and he still hasn't figured out what happened at Fort Hood. At least not enough to call it terrorism, even though it now looks like the undie bomber and Hassan had a cleric in common.

The fun in Bizarro world continues.

Carry on.

Man charged with murder of woman, unborn twins

Let's start with the quote from the "man" that saw it happen.

Kang's landlord, Arnold Springer, said he saw the whole thing.

"She was screaming, 'No! Don't do that, no!' I shined my light in there and I saw him," said Springer. "He was raping her. And I said, 'Don't do that! Don't do that! Stop that, I'm going to call the police!' and I banged on the glass window with my flashlight. And he didn't stop. He didn't even acknowledge that somebody was there. He just kept on doing it. I looked at my wife and we ran back into the house and called 911."

For the liberals, I know, I know, he "BANGED ON THE GLASS" really, really loudly before he ran off to call 911.. I'm sure you all think that something so HARSH should have stopped the attack. I mean he ASKED the attacker to stop and even told him he was going to call the police.

He yelled "Don't do that" and the predator just ignored him! Why was that?

Simply, the predator instinctively knew that he was no threat and ignored him. OF COURSE HE IGNORED HIM YOU IDIOTS.. HE IS A FUCKING PREDATOR! (that feels better.. sorry for yelling)

Now let's take a quick guess at what state.. Don't peek..

Texas or California?

You peeked didn't you?

Of course it was the state of pussification California.

Texas? I don't think so...

In Texas, the story doesn't start with the guy running away to call 911 now does it? It ENDS with a call to 911 to come and get the body.

So here we are.

The women and her unborn kids are dead and that is horrible and sad beyond words.

But it could be worse. You could be Arnold Springer..

You see, because there are things worth dying for, there are things worse than death.

How about dishonor, cowardice, humiliation and shame to name a few relevant one.

To paraphrase Leonidas in the 300.. I hope Arnold Springer lives forever.

To every man I say this. Look in the mirror and know that you would have gone through that window to kill that attacker or be killed in the process. Resolve right now that if you ever see a woman being raped or a defenseless person being attacked, that you will act WHILE someone else dials 911 for you.

If not, then leave my presence, leave my country, and move to Europe or some other place where eunuchs are welcome.

We have no need for you.

When men that would call themselves members of my tribe see something that "cannot stand" they move to engage regardless of the outcome. It is the difference between a sheepdog and the sheep.

Sheep flee the wolf hoping that their time is not at hand.

Sheep Dogs run towards the wolf, knowing that their time is finally at hand.

Of course not every man is a marital artist and not every sheep dog a young man. It would truly suck to have to go through that window armed with no more than a flashlight. Sometimes it may come to that, but as fortune would have it we have something that makes the smaller man the equal of the larger, the old the equal of the young.

It's called a gun. If you live in California, look it up on Wikipedia under scary things that cops in California have to carry on their hips while they write reports about dead pregnant women.

When this country was founded, free men were expected to have skill at arms and be able to defend the weak and helpless against predators. It was EXPECTED of men.

All men know in their hearts that this is not sexist, it is nature and it is undeniable.

The founders of this country understood that. We seem to have forgotten it.

"As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives [only] moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun, therefore, be the constant companion to your walks."

-- Thomas Jefferson, writing to his teenaged nephew."

I don't know when we started expecting men to stand buy and call 911 but it was a fell day indeed and I will have none of it.

That is all.

Christmas Is almost here (updated)

So, I've decided to consolidate my material things wish list for the new year.

  • Bipod and 3x9 scope for the 10/22 that I don't know about and might get. if I've been good :-) 10/22 (CHECK!!) SCOPE (CHECK) BiPod (Not yet)
  • Additional 3x9 scope for my M4 (CHECK)
  • Cross Draw vest (CHECK)
  • Additional belt mounted single .223 mag carriers (blade tech kydex I think)
  • Additional .223 30rd PMAGs from MagPul. I bought two to check them out. Now I need a LOT more so my cheezy metal mags are being demoted to training mags. (update I found a source where you can get the gen 1 window pmags for $10 EACH!! in tens...) So I have at least 10 on the way.. more if my wife isn't looking to closely.. (CHECK)
  • Ammo.. .45 .223 .22 .380 .303 7.62x39 Good God where does it all go?
  • .22 resettable target stands for WW IV games.
  • Targets from LE Targets (SBE, Zombie etc.
  • 1000 Meter Laser Range finder. Bushnell Scout 1000 (ARC) (CHECK!!)
  • SOG Seal Pup Elite Fixed blade knife. Too many knives? Bah.. My rosy red buttocks...
  • bolt gun in .308 (M24 :-) )
  • new spotting scope, unless I can fix my POS scope

Just noted there is a decidedly gun related theme running so let's talk other hobbies.

  • FPV OSDV3 flying setup from range video plus camera for mounting in my Senior Telemaster
  • Second wireless guitar for RockBand. WHAT? You think I never play anything but War games?
  • Left For Dead 2 (just finished 1) Love killing zombies..
Made out like a fat cat!

New Ambi safety for my Bushmaster

Ever since I started watching MagPul Dynamics Art of the Tactical Carbine I have been lusting after an ambidextrous safety. You say "But Chuck, you are right handed and those are meant for the sinister among us".. (lefties)

Here is the deal. I can get my M4 from safe to fire with a flick of my thumb, most ricky tick, but when it comes to going back to safe I have to change my grip and move my hand to reach the selector with my thumb and pull it back to safe.

This does not meet my standards for high speed low drag operation.

With an additional safety selector switch on the right side of the weapon all I have to do is to sweep my trigger finger (already indexed straight anyway) back and flick the selector.

No change in grip. No change my sight picture. Life is good.

If there is a faster way to switch from safe -> fire -> safe I'd like to see it.

Installation took about 10 minutes with the help of my wife (Doc 6).
She has mad skills when it comes to holding tiny roll pins.

So, even if you are right handed, I highly recommend giving an ambi safety a try on your favorite evil black rifle.

At around $30 bucks, it would make a nice stocking stuffer too.

Carry on.