“human and systemic failures” were to blame

Obama said that “human and systemic failures” were to blame

I agree, but I'd rather look forward than go back and revisit the last election.

Now that he's had pretty close to a year, how's that "Hope and Change" thing working our for ya?

You know what I think?

I would give him an A++ on gun sales, otherwise, not so good.

There have been two terrorist attacks on or above American soil since he took office. The news says that the number of attempts that have been thwarted have risen dramatically.

The problem is that perceived weakness is dangerous. It leads to people believing that they can get away with things.

So far, I can't blame them for feeling that way.

Obama responded to the arrest of the Proffesor Gates almost immediately. It took him three days to respond to the underwear bomber and he still hasn't figured out what happened at Fort Hood. At least not enough to call it terrorism, even though it now looks like the undie bomber and Hassan had a cleric in common.

The fun in Bizarro world continues.

Carry on.

Man charged with murder of woman, unborn twins

Let's start with the quote from the "man" that saw it happen.

Kang's landlord, Arnold Springer, said he saw the whole thing.

"She was screaming, 'No! Don't do that, no!' I shined my light in there and I saw him," said Springer. "He was raping her. And I said, 'Don't do that! Don't do that! Stop that, I'm going to call the police!' and I banged on the glass window with my flashlight. And he didn't stop. He didn't even acknowledge that somebody was there. He just kept on doing it. I looked at my wife and we ran back into the house and called 911."

For the liberals, I know, I know, he "BANGED ON THE GLASS" really, really loudly before he ran off to call 911.. I'm sure you all think that something so HARSH should have stopped the attack. I mean he ASKED the attacker to stop and even told him he was going to call the police.

He yelled "Don't do that" and the predator just ignored him! Why was that?

Simply, the predator instinctively knew that he was no threat and ignored him. OF COURSE HE IGNORED HIM YOU IDIOTS.. HE IS A FUCKING PREDATOR! (that feels better.. sorry for yelling)

Now let's take a quick guess at what state.. Don't peek..

Texas or California?

You peeked didn't you?

Of course it was the state of pussification California.

Texas? I don't think so...

In Texas, the story doesn't start with the guy running away to call 911 now does it? It ENDS with a call to 911 to come and get the body.

So here we are.

The women and her unborn kids are dead and that is horrible and sad beyond words.

But it could be worse. You could be Arnold Springer..

You see, because there are things worth dying for, there are things worse than death.

How about dishonor, cowardice, humiliation and shame to name a few relevant one.

To paraphrase Leonidas in the 300.. I hope Arnold Springer lives forever.

To every man I say this. Look in the mirror and know that you would have gone through that window to kill that attacker or be killed in the process. Resolve right now that if you ever see a woman being raped or a defenseless person being attacked, that you will act WHILE someone else dials 911 for you.

If not, then leave my presence, leave my country, and move to Europe or some other place where eunuchs are welcome.

We have no need for you.

When men that would call themselves members of my tribe see something that "cannot stand" they move to engage regardless of the outcome. It is the difference between a sheepdog and the sheep.

Sheep flee the wolf hoping that their time is not at hand.

Sheep Dogs run towards the wolf, knowing that their time is finally at hand.

Of course not every man is a marital artist and not every sheep dog a young man. It would truly suck to have to go through that window armed with no more than a flashlight. Sometimes it may come to that, but as fortune would have it we have something that makes the smaller man the equal of the larger, the old the equal of the young.

It's called a gun. If you live in California, look it up on Wikipedia under scary things that cops in California have to carry on their hips while they write reports about dead pregnant women.

When this country was founded, free men were expected to have skill at arms and be able to defend the weak and helpless against predators. It was EXPECTED of men.

All men know in their hearts that this is not sexist, it is nature and it is undeniable.

The founders of this country understood that. We seem to have forgotten it.

"As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives [only] moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun, therefore, be the constant companion to your walks."

-- Thomas Jefferson, writing to his teenaged nephew."

I don't know when we started expecting men to stand buy and call 911 but it was a fell day indeed and I will have none of it.

That is all.

Christmas Is almost here (updated)

So, I've decided to consolidate my material things wish list for the new year.

  • Bipod and 3x9 scope for the 10/22 that I don't know about and might get. if I've been good :-) 10/22 (CHECK!!) SCOPE (CHECK) BiPod (Not yet)
  • Additional 3x9 scope for my M4 (CHECK)
  • Cross Draw vest (CHECK)
  • Additional belt mounted single .223 mag carriers (blade tech kydex I think)
  • Additional .223 30rd PMAGs from MagPul. I bought two to check them out. Now I need a LOT more so my cheezy metal mags are being demoted to training mags. (update I found a source where you can get the gen 1 window pmags for $10 EACH!! in tens...) So I have at least 10 on the way.. more if my wife isn't looking to closely.. (CHECK)
  • Ammo.. .45 .223 .22 .380 .303 7.62x39 Good God where does it all go?
  • .22 resettable target stands for WW IV games.
  • Targets from LE Targets (SBE, Zombie etc.
  • 1000 Meter Laser Range finder. Bushnell Scout 1000 (ARC) (CHECK!!)
  • SOG Seal Pup Elite Fixed blade knife. Too many knives? Bah.. My rosy red buttocks...
  • bolt gun in .308 (M24 :-) )
  • new spotting scope, unless I can fix my POS scope

Just noted there is a decidedly gun related theme running so let's talk other hobbies.

  • FPV OSDV3 flying setup from range video plus camera for mounting in my Senior Telemaster
  • Second wireless guitar for RockBand. WHAT? You think I never play anything but War games?
  • Left For Dead 2 (just finished 1) Love killing zombies..
Made out like a fat cat!

New Ambi safety for my Bushmaster

Ever since I started watching MagPul Dynamics Art of the Tactical Carbine I have been lusting after an ambidextrous safety. You say "But Chuck, you are right handed and those are meant for the sinister among us".. (lefties)

Here is the deal. I can get my M4 from safe to fire with a flick of my thumb, most ricky tick, but when it comes to going back to safe I have to change my grip and move my hand to reach the selector with my thumb and pull it back to safe.

This does not meet my standards for high speed low drag operation.

With an additional safety selector switch on the right side of the weapon all I have to do is to sweep my trigger finger (already indexed straight anyway) back and flick the selector.

No change in grip. No change my sight picture. Life is good.

If there is a faster way to switch from safe -> fire -> safe I'd like to see it.

Installation took about 10 minutes with the help of my wife (Doc 6).
She has mad skills when it comes to holding tiny roll pins.

So, even if you are right handed, I highly recommend giving an ambi safety a try on your favorite evil black rifle.

At around $30 bucks, it would make a nice stocking stuffer too.

Carry on.

Completely rambling rant.

Our incompetent President is in over his head, and no one is reporting it except Fox. You know, they aren't "really" a news organization. (read, they didn't bow down to his greatness)

Let's get started on this rant. Warning: LANGUAGE... Yes, this is a rant, sometimes I use words not fit for polite company. Sorry about that. Stop right here if that bothers you.

Ok then...

Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:06pm EDT

"There will be vaccines for everyone," Sebelius said at a hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee.

There are about 300 million potential users, she said, adding that not all Americans will opt for the shot. The first doses should be available within the next four weeks, according to the FDA.

I guess that would be Oct 15...

Well it's now Nov 1 and less than 6 million doses are available.

My wife's a doc. She treats H1N1 cases every day. She hasn't been vaccinated yet.

Stop here for a second and imagine if H1N1 ended up being as bad as the 1918 flu.. It COULD have happened and all of the health care workers would have been infected trying to treat the hordes of dying folk. We dodged a bullet, but that was blind ass luck. (hoping for luck is NOT a winning strategy)

Though she is backing away from it now, Sebelius initially said that the "folks" held in Guantanamo would get it first.

She also said that we would distribute 10% to other countries, even before we have vaccinated our most vulnerable. (Kids and Pregnant Women)

I have an idea, let's put these incompetent fucks in charge of our health system and 6% of the US economy. Sounds like a GREAT idea.

You think Bush did a bad job of handling Katrina? IF they were running the Katrina disaster the people would still be waiting for aid.

The good news is that the press would be telling stories about how thoughtful Obama was about making the right decision, so his waiting to help was a "good thing"

Here is the theme of this government. "It doesn't matter that we are obviously incompetent and in over our heads. We can't get the small shit right, but give us a shot at the ENORMOUS stuff cause we hope we can change something.

Not to worry, if it doesn't work we will do it harder until it does or until the dollar is not worth wiping you ass with."

Speaking of Katrina, Obama did stop there for a couple of hours on his way to a 3 million dollar fund raiser. WTF, do they want? help? Screw'em they will vote for him anyway, so why stick around?

Imagine if Bush had done that.

When Bush met with the loved one's of the fallen soldiers, he did it in private. There were NO photos and the only accounts we have were from the family members involved.

OMG! Imagine the press reaction if Bush had hauled his press photographers in tow for those solemn meetings.

The PR in Chief, Obama OTOH, took a passel of photographers with him to document him saluting the caskets. Great photo btw, Who taught him how to salute anyway? God knows he didn't learn it the service of his country. (Personal note from a solder. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you arrogant, narcissistic, dangerously naive, asshole. You aren't qualified to salute these REAL men that gave their lives following your orders, while you sit there rotating on your thumb trying to figure out the best POLITICAL move.

They are dying due to your inability to make a decision; check that; We know you don't give a shit about anything but your political moves. You already have a plan on your desk asshole. You just don't know what to do with it because Soros forgot to give you instructions when he visited the white house.

To recap.

They are now saying that the H1N1 virus will almost be over before the vaccine arrives.

The economy will recover before the stimulus money gets spent

The new health care plans is 1900 pages of incomprehensible bullshit
up from 1000 pages of incomprehensible bullshit and won't cover as many people but will cost a TRILLION dollars that we DON'T HAVE, you twit.

Cash for Clunkers cost us 25,000 per car and did nothing, since car sales crashed the next month. It did send a bunch of money to honda, toyota..

CIT just went bankrupt taking 2 BILLION tax dollars with it.

The bailout money didn't work

Obama promised that he would create 3 million jobs. He now claims to have "created or saved" about a million even though there is no way to measure "saved" jobs. The only think we know for sure is that we have 10% unemployment (17% really, if you count those that quit looking)

Government jobs do NOT count in my book.

If he DID create 1 million jobs, that works out to $161,000 per job, with most of them going away as soon as the money is spent.

Every child born start out $38,677.46 in debt just to cover the existing public debt.

The stimulus bill didn't work. Hell, most of it hasn't been spent yet.

Obama wants to triple the debt, whilst using cap and trade to "bankrupt the coal industry"

He is all about Hope and Change but his change scares the crap out of me.

So where are we?

The media is running stories about people hoarding ammo and guns as if these people are nuts.

I say, if you aren't they you are nuts.
When this all breaks, and it IS going to break. It's a matter of WHEN not IF.

There are going to be four sorts of people.

People that made it happen.
People that watched it happen
People that wonder WTF happened?
and a few that tried to stop it from happening.

Unless you are in category 4, I'm not going to have much sympathy for you later.

It's time to take sides.
Time to vote like it is YOUR country.
Time to vote like YOU are paying for all this.
Time to vote like a responsible adult, not a "I want my FREE Obama Money" child.

Its time to put the people that are paying the bills in charge again.

It's time to tell the Republican's that Democrat light will NOT cut it. If I wanted to voted for a liberal, I'd vote for the real thing. I will not vote for ANY party. I will vote for responsible people that support the American ideal REGARDLESS of party.

If I have a doubt, I'm going to vote against anyone that supports increased spending and increased government control of our lives.

My politicians will answer for their voting record alone. I don't give a rats ass what they SAY, becuase I know they lie. I only care what they do. That means that I will have a bias AGAINST incumbents unless their record convinces me they are on the same page as me.

Is that fair? Perhaps not. I no longer give a shit if it's fair. We are past that.

When the wolf comes, and you are not ready, don't say you weren't warned.

H.L. Menken said.

“Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”

Politically, I'm hoisting the black flag.

I've known for awhile that I have no party.

I'm a privateer.

Navy ship accidentally fires on Polish port

"A crew member aboard a U.S. Navy ship accidentally fired a machine gun into the Polish port city of Gdynia on Wednesday while cleaning the weapon, Navy officials said Friday.

Three rounds were fired from an M240 machine gun into the town but no injuries or damage were reported, officials said.

The gun, aboard the USS Ramage, a Navy destroyer, is used to defend the ship in close combat.

Navy officials said a crew member was cleaning the weapon when it accidentally discharged."


What is firearm rule #1?

How many rules did they break?



Here is a hint.. They violated ALL of them..

Gun safety rules and mindset:

  1. Treat firearms as if they are loaded
  2. Point the muzzle away from non-targets
  3. Keep fingers off the trigger
  4. Be sure of your target and of what is beyond it

That is all.

Is it time yet?

Clair Wolf said

"America is at that awkward stage.
It’s too late to work within the system,
but too early to shoot the bastards."

To further quote her..

Is it time? Morally, yes. Absolutely.

If you do it, and if there’s a heaven, I hope you get a good seat. But if you pot a bureaucrat figuring it’ll light some fire under the cold, dead butts of a complacent nation …

good luck.

Crunch Pad

Apple had better get off their butt's with the touchpad.

They are not the people working on one, and this looks pretty nice.

CrunchPad video here

Some mention of $300.00 if that is the case then it will be useful for a number of things.

Think, in house browser pad/ super iTouch'ish thing..

Looks like it runs some variant of Linux though.

You're Fired!

I was just thinking.

When the TEA parties started there was a problem with mailing tea bags to our congress critters since it triggered all of the "contaminated/chemical" sensors.

So how about this? Go to Staples or Wall-Mart or wherever and buy a few sheets of pink paper.

Print "Termination Notice" on one side, and on the other list Reasons:

1) Ignoring your oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
2) Supporting TARP, Cap and Trade and the government takeover of health care.
3) Spending our children into a debt that cannot be repaid without massive government control and taxes.

Note: This is not about parties.

I intend to actively contribute to your opponent in any primary election and, should you slip past that, work against you in the general elections. Unless you change your stance, I will vote for Satan himself before I vote for you again.

Sign it. Send it.

I'd think that a pile of pink slips just *might* get noticed.

Contacting Congress link.

Carry on.

Just Thinking.

Since they dropped the provision for funding end of life counseling for the elderly.

Does that me that they will no longer counsel "shovel ready seniors"?

No, health care is NOT a right

The very first thing to do is to go read "Health Care is Not a Right" by by Leonard Peikoff, Ph.D. http://www.bdt.com/pages/Peikoff.html

Oh, we could use some reform for sure, but giving the government any bit of this is nuts.

1) DMV
2) Post Office
3) IRS
4) TSA

That is what you get. Pick one and have them run your health care too.

Tea Party Time.

Find one near you or go to DC on 9/12

Carry on.

I need to go shooting

WTF? I moved to Portsmouth and the only range "near me" is in Kentucky.

I had more places to go shooting in the Peoples Republic of Athens.

Obama explained in one paragraph

"No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?"

- George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ch. 5

Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family

"Akron police say they aren't ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation."'

Of course not.

Let's see..

50 WHITE youths attack a black family on the 4th of July yelling "It's a white world" and the Akron police would classify it a hate crime before reverend Sharpton and Jesse Jackson could get their pants on.

I DO expect both of those folks to show up to lament this sort of racially motivated crime. (not holding my breath)

Actually, I'm willing to entertain bets that neither of the dudes will say squat about this unless someone is actually accused of a hate crime, in which case they will come to their defense because of the "poisoned atmosphere in Dayton" or some other bullshit reason.

Any takers?

This could have ended in tragedy since Ohio has the "castle defense" law on the books.

50 against two, attacking and shoving his daughter to the ground, yelling racial epithets.

That easily qualifies as "In immediate fear for life or grievous bodily harm, to me or my family"

In Ohio that justifies lethal force with a presumption that home owner acted legally. That is, the youths would have to prove that they were invited to the party, prove that they were not told to leave and then prove that they were attacked first.

The police would have to agree that the homeowner broke the law and charge him criminally.

If he is not charged criminally then it is ILLEGAL for him to be charged civilly in Ohio (again under Castle Defense law) so the "next of kin" could not sew civilly either.

Ohio also has no "duty to retreat" so standing his ground is legal.

The real problem with hate crime laws is that the activity is already illegal. If you think the penalty for beating someone isn't harsh enough go ahead and up it, but stop trying to figure out the attackers state of mind.

What you end up with is this situation where the police are reluctant to call it a hate crime because the kids were black.

Everyone knows that's the truth since reversing this colors would make it a hate crime instantly.

Do that in MY neighbor hood and it would make the nightly news.

Durka, Durka, RTFM..

Todays laugh is brought to you by the fine folks that run Hamas..

"Our gunners couldn't fire the weapon," the source recalled. "A notice came up on the display saying 'friendly aircraft.'"

Hamas couldn't fire smuggled Stingers against Israelis due to embedded ID system

I really hope they paid lots of money for them too..

A personal message to Congress.

This is just like a 1000 word essay on the job you all are doing.

Taxed Enough Already..

Imagine Spending a Million Dollars a Day

If you started in 1A.D, and kept spending a million dollars a day, you still would not have spent the amount the government just committed to spending in one bill.

Even better. They have to print the money out of thin air, and sell T-Bills to the Chinese to finance the debt.

You have got to be F^&&king kidding me.

This is not going to end well.

Fire Extinguishers and Sheep Dogs.

I had an interesting exchange with someone the other day about gun ownership.

In essence his argument boiled down to a contention that since he had never felt threatened and didn't frequent dangerous places,  he had never felt the need for a gun.

He was not an anti-gunner.  Didn't want to take anyone's away.

Heck, he even referred to the AWB as the "So called Assault Weapons Ban" so I didn't have to re-fight the 2nd amendment debate.

Of course I believe that people have every right to live their lives in a disarmed state.   

Anyway, the discussion harkened me back to a talk by one Lt. Col. David Grossman that I had to privilege to attend.

You may have heard of him.    If not, go read "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs" right now.    I'll wait.

He opens his talk by taking a fire extinguisher off the wall and pointing out that firemen kick our butts when it comes to saving lives.    "How many children have died in school fires in the last 50 years?" He asks.   "zero".     "Now how many have died as the result of violence?"   "Many, many more."  (He sites the number).   

So why is it that we disarm teachers, disallow firearms near schools, and generally look at people like they are crazy if they suggest that schools need protection.  On the other hand, we would riot if a school didn't have a world class sprinkler system.

He makes a damn good point (If you ever get the chance to hear him,  just go..)

Anyway, this line of thinking lead me to this reply to the guy that had never felt the need to arm himself.

I honestly hope that his life never changes.    I hope that he makes it without every having violence visited upon him or his family, disarmed or not.

This is what I said.

I've never had a fire at my house.   I've never needed a fire extinguisher and have no reason to think that my house is likely to catch on fire.

Nonetheless,  I keep a fire extinguisher or two in my house.

Like winning the lottery,  I know that the odds of my house burning down tonight are vanishingly small.   If I thought otherwise, I'd do whatever it takes to make it safe.   My family depends on me to do that.   On the other hand I know that, somewhere in the US, the odds of someone's house burning tonight is almost 100%. 

So I have to think, and everyone "should" think, "Tonight just might be my night."   

Not "If"  but "When"

Now I'm not a professional firefighter and, of course, I'd rather let the fire department deal with a fire.    Given half a chance, I'll get my family to safety and dial 911.   After all, that's why I pay taxes and they are trained professionals.   Only a fool would would risk his life fighting a fire if the pros are available.

But what happens if I'm on my own.  What happens if it's up to me to get my family to safety?

What then?

If I'm on my own, at least I have a fire extinguisher and I know how to use it.

People with no fire fighting tools have, by their own choice,  more limited options.     They  may not be able to save themselves or their loved ones and simply have no choice but to rely  on the firemen to save them or their loved ones.   No doubt the firemen will come as soon as they can, but how many times have you read about people dying in their homes?    It happens all too frequently.  We see it on the news all the time.  We all shake our heads at the tragic event and silently thank God that it wasn't us.    All that is left is for the firemen to recover the bodies, fill out the paperwork and put it down to bad luck.

Imagine having to live with that.  I can tell you, as a Dad, being the sole survivor would be worse than dying.    Being the sole survivor because I believed that I didn't NEED a fire extinguisher would be worse than death. 

The truth is pretty simple.  

Just because you've never been in a fire, doesn't mean that a fire isn't in your future.   Just because you've never been attacked doesn't mean that the bad men will never come.

Being defenseless does not protect the lamb from the wolf now does it?

So I leave you with this

Do you own a fire extinguisher?

My Tribe

In the middle of all of the news coverage of the airplane going down in the Hudson one particular tidbit jumped out at me.

It seems there was an elderly lady and another lady with a child.   After the plane stopped moving, some man yelled at the top of his lungs "women and children first".      

According to the report, the crowd separated and the women and children went first.

The great Bill Whittle over at the eject eject eject blog talks about what it means to be a member of "our tribe" in his essay "Tribes".   The MEN on that plane behaved the way men are expected.  

At least that's how I was raised.

Good job men.   Welcome to the tribe.

Carry on.

Robbers have nothing to fear.

Yet another story from victim zone

The important quotes "The two students said they kept thinking about Kwik Shop clerk Laura Pierce, who was killed last week. Robbers shot her even after she gave them money." 

"The store's owner said he has been robbed eight times in the last two years."

The police cannot stop this from happening.   They'd *love* too but they simply cannot live at the carryout.    

All you can be sure of is that they will be along 'bye and bye' to fill out the paper work and they just might catch the bad guy if he leaves enough evidence.

What kind of man would leave kids to "watch the store" when he knows he gets robbed regularly anyway?

Sir!  Here's your sign..

Great Moments in Parenting

Who says that we can't influence our children.
(image stolen from the real king of France) at curmudgeonlyskeptical.  You do read that blog right?  


Go there now.  10 page report due tomorrow.