The Radicalness of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"

You never think of her as a radical.

OTOH, She is by today's standards.

Earth Day.

Listen the Charlton Heston read the foreword of Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park

Liked at the title.

Gun Free Zone = Victim Zone

- Black male, 19 – 24 years of age
- 6’ to 6’4” tall, and skinny build with broad shoulders
- Wearing dark pants and sweatshirt, possibly a hoodie

On April 17, 2011, a female student reported to police that at approximately 4 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, April 16, 2011, she was approached by a male suspect, described above, as she was walking southbound in the parking lot behind Christ the King church. The suspect, who approached her from the opposite direction, brandished a large knife and forced her to turn around and walk over to a small outbuilding, where he raped her. The suspect fled on foot in an unknown direction and the victim suffered no additional injuries in the assault. Athens City police are investigating the incident.

This is MY town.. It was someone's daughter.. Could have been MY daughter..
and yet they say the campus is safer if you are disarmed..

Evil, evil Idiots.

TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

You would REALLY be better off keeping your mouth shut.
Wouldn't it be a shame if we took your little girl aside and groped her?
You wouldn't want to be arrested for refusing let us look at you naked right?
How's your "junk'

Just "get used to it"

I don't have any pithy commentary on this.

They are doing what that do because we allow them to do it. We get all the government we ask for.

Good and Hard..

Ban Assault "Clips"

The Brady campaign consists of sick, low life liars that exploit tragedy to further their mindless and evil cause. They stoop to having people shoot at little girl silhouette targets.

The tragedies in Tucson, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, and Columbine showed us first hand the deadly consequences of assault clips. These assault clips have one purpose and one purpose only – to kill a lot of people in a short amount of time.

So.. Fort Hood happened because of "Assault Clips"? Odd, I'm pretty sure it was a MUSLIM TERRORIST yelling "Alu Ackbar" and using multiple firearms. He carried a standard capacity FN 5.7 and a REVOLVER (High capacity revolver... LOL )

Virginia Tech.. You mean the one where the crazy guy shot up the school.

The Virginia Tech shooter had two pistols, a .22 and a 9mm. The largest magazine he carried held 15 rounds, the rest 10 rounds. (He did have 19 magazines.)

Columbine... Dylan had a Tec-9 and a sawed off shotgun, Eric had a 10 shot carbine and a sawed off shotgun. The Tec-9 he used did have one 52, one 32, and one 28 round magazine.

None of these would have been prevented or likely even changed by the size of the Mag being carried.

VA Tech proves that you can make up for capacity with quantity.

Of course the real goal is to leave you totally defenseless and they will whine and lie until you give in.

UN Ignores Its Own Data to Promote Gun Ban

Pajamas Media has an interesting piece up here..

I "love: this part.

Self-defence is a widely recognized, yet legally proscribed, exception to the universal duty to respect the right to life of others. Self-defence is a basis for exemption from criminal responsibility that can be raised by any State agent or non-State actor. Self-defence is sometimes designated as a “right.” There is inadequate legal support for such an interpretation. Self-defence is more properly characterized as a means of protecting the right to life and, as such, a basis for avoiding responsibility for violating the rights of another.

"Self-defence is sometimes designated as a “right.” There is inadequate legal support for such an interpretation."


There is also inadequate legal support to justify these oxygen thieves from continuing to steal valuable air from humans.

I understand that Blue Helmets look really nice as flower pots and the extra holes help them drain.