The First Zombie Apocalypse AAR

After Action report.

Dealing with Patient 0

It's on for June 19th. 

June 19th.  Saturday.  Camp that night if desired.

Address and directions will be sent via email.

Scoring Thought

I was reading the IPPSA rules..

The way they score is that the best score per stage is awarded 100 points.
Each score under that is awarded a percentage based on the winning score..


Why you need a .22 conversion kit for your AR platform.

50 rounds fired. $1.37 in ammo !! ($15.00 / 555 (in box) ) * 50

==== course of fire =====

A runnin' and a gunin'.
      rifle and sidearm.
       target on stands at various points.
       target type  B27 or other scoring target.
       move to engagement line.
       engage first target.  three rounds
       move to second engagement line
       engage 2nd target  two rounds body, draw sidearm two rounds head.
       (possible to add a don't shoot/ hostage target for number 2 or add a third..?)
       scoring.      score rings / time.

Know Your Limits.
      choice of firearm
     target at 50 feet
    target type.   Paper consisting of 4 circles of decreasing size.
        largest circle worth least points.  IE 1 5 10 and 20 points.  with smallest circle being *very* small.
    one shot per circle.
    Shooter chooses number of circles to shoot and and may stop at any time..
        Scoring:  A hit OUTSIDE of any circle loses ALL points for the stage.     Thus  KNOW YOUR LIMITS..

Two Gun Pete
       .22 rifle  .22 pistol  (or larger caliber if I can find them and afford them)
       two targets one at 25 feet one at 50 feet
       target type.  two resettable target stands.  (style 4 shots flip up each target 5th shot resets)
       two squares 15 feet apart.
       start with pistol.   shoot till all targets are hit and reset.
       move to rifle square..   same thing.
       scoring.   timed from first shot to last shot.    lowest time..

Ranger Ranger
    NO shooting required.
    Various white balloons will be placed at the farm at known ranges, with numbers.
        Estimate range to each balloon.   perfect score is exact range.  lose points for each yard plus or minus.

        rifle and sidearm.  (AR platform for instance..)
        target  zombie  at a starting range TBD..
    target type rope pulled Rolling cart with zombie.  zombie comes at you..
        five shots before  "transition flag"  (a visible cone or other marker)
        transition to sidearm.
        five shots from sidearm before "stop fire" marker.
        scoring.    body 5 head 10 or something like that.

    5 clays
        scoring.   TBD.

    two gopher targets at unknown range  (75 to 130 yards)
        Timed until hits on each gopher  (they spin when hit)
        scoring   lowest time.

Two Men Enter One Man Leaves.
    pistol with no more than 10 rounds.
     target small orange circles.
     target type   the target is a dueling tree.
     shooters are paired by scores.
    Duel starts on the beep, and continues until all targets are on opposing side or all ammo is expended.
    first to have all targets on one side OR most of targets on opposing when ammo is expended.
    scoring.   Points awarded for targets on opposite side.

I've been thinking about a couple of movable targets.  Swinging or rotating just to add to the confusion.

Just for fun catagory..

Bad Santa
    I have some "Santa has a hostage" targets..  (don't ask..)
    Might be fun to shoot santa, miss the hostage..  size suitable for .22 at 50 yards or so I think..

Gopher Spotter.
    rifle  (.22 should be good enough but targets will handle .308 .223 etc..)
        target  gopher/ prairie dog
    target type:  self healing Spinning gopher target

    Gophers are numbered placed in random locations "out there"

    On beep spotter is given a number "one", "two" etc.. and begins locating the critter. shooter does not know the number and is not looking down range,

        When the spotter is ready, the shooter is allowed to look in the scope (only) and listen to spotter direct him onto the gopher and fire.

Possible Alternatives..

Look! Zombies!

Jon's is the comments..

Dubla El Presidente.

El-Presidente x 2...  That is.

Three distant targets  shot el-presidente style with AR..  mandatory mag change between strings

move to pistol box and transation to pistol.

Standard El Presidente

time starts on first shot.  ends on last.  hits anywahere center mass count as 1.. total divided by total time.


Jon said...

I would suggest naming the event:
"The First Zombie Apocalypse"

Jon said...

Some target thoughts:




Jon said...

Idea for an event...
Title: Look... Zombies!

2 Targets Near to the left
3 Targets Somewhat distant center
2 Targets Near to the Right
(Ranges TBD, and not necessarily equal)

Each target is a life-size zombie head near head height, marked with the "Fatal T". Not all heights have to be equal, and "child zombies" are legal.

Start from low ready, weapon of shooter's choice.

At the timer beep:

Double-tap two all near targets in any order, double-tap all distant targets in any order. (All near targets must be engaged before any distant targets).

Each zombie with a round in the fatal T counts as one dead zombie. Divide dead-zombie-count by total time (first to last shot) for score (like IPSC). Two hits in the fatal T of one zombie does not count as two dead zombies.

If any targets are without a hit in the fatal T, total score = 0 (eaten by a zombie). This part is similar to "Know Your Limit."

The "Double-tap" is optional, skip at your own risk.

18Echo said...

Jon.. for zombies I saw that some people glue/stick red paint balls in the "T" area
so hits are very obvious (and visually satisfying) :-)