Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family

"Akron police say they aren't ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation."'

Of course not.

Let's see..

50 WHITE youths attack a black family on the 4th of July yelling "It's a white world" and the Akron police would classify it a hate crime before reverend Sharpton and Jesse Jackson could get their pants on.

I DO expect both of those folks to show up to lament this sort of racially motivated crime. (not holding my breath)

Actually, I'm willing to entertain bets that neither of the dudes will say squat about this unless someone is actually accused of a hate crime, in which case they will come to their defense because of the "poisoned atmosphere in Dayton" or some other bullshit reason.

Any takers?

This could have ended in tragedy since Ohio has the "castle defense" law on the books.

50 against two, attacking and shoving his daughter to the ground, yelling racial epithets.

That easily qualifies as "In immediate fear for life or grievous bodily harm, to me or my family"

In Ohio that justifies lethal force with a presumption that home owner acted legally. That is, the youths would have to prove that they were invited to the party, prove that they were not told to leave and then prove that they were attacked first.

The police would have to agree that the homeowner broke the law and charge him criminally.

If he is not charged criminally then it is ILLEGAL for him to be charged civilly in Ohio (again under Castle Defense law) so the "next of kin" could not sew civilly either.

Ohio also has no "duty to retreat" so standing his ground is legal.

The real problem with hate crime laws is that the activity is already illegal. If you think the penalty for beating someone isn't harsh enough go ahead and up it, but stop trying to figure out the attackers state of mind.

What you end up with is this situation where the police are reluctant to call it a hate crime because the kids were black.

Everyone knows that's the truth since reversing this colors would make it a hate crime instantly.

Do that in MY neighbor hood and it would make the nightly news.

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