You're Fired!

I was just thinking.

When the TEA parties started there was a problem with mailing tea bags to our congress critters since it triggered all of the "contaminated/chemical" sensors.

So how about this? Go to Staples or Wall-Mart or wherever and buy a few sheets of pink paper.

Print "Termination Notice" on one side, and on the other list Reasons:

1) Ignoring your oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
2) Supporting TARP, Cap and Trade and the government takeover of health care.
3) Spending our children into a debt that cannot be repaid without massive government control and taxes.

Note: This is not about parties.

I intend to actively contribute to your opponent in any primary election and, should you slip past that, work against you in the general elections. Unless you change your stance, I will vote for Satan himself before I vote for you again.

Sign it. Send it.

I'd think that a pile of pink slips just *might* get noticed.

Contacting Congress link.

Carry on.

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