The Super Bowl Audi "Green Police" commercial.

You must been shitting me. What bone head at AUDI would think this is a good way to spend 3 million dollars.

Ya see...

The German police from 1936 to 1945 were referred to as the Green Police because of the green uniform. They were also referred to as the "Order" police. (Literal translation)

The were absorbed into the Nazi Party but kept their nice green colors.

Here is their logo.

On second thought, perhaps this isn't as crazy is I initially thought.

There is a hell of a lot of similarity between the lefty green movement, what they would *like* to do, and how they would force us to live according to their idea of "order"

Regardless, I don't think they were reaching their target market at the super bowl.

"There would be blood in the streets" and "I wish they would try that" was the more common comment I heard.

All they needed was some cop in a long green leather jacket asking to see your papers.

Just saying..

If you want to sell cars. This isn't the way to go because nothing says "I'm a real American, and not some effete liberal environmental lunatic" like an Audi.

Update: AUDI responded that they had consulted several Jewish leaders first.

1) If you think you need to consult the leadership of some group to see if it's offensive before you run an ad, it's ALREADY a bad idea.

2) That they did consult them implies that AUDI knew of the "other" Green Police and was worried.

Next step.. Hitler in a Bunker discussing the AUDI commercial..

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