Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh my!

Recent headlines.
Peru battles rabid vampire bats after 500 people bitten

Radioactive Boars Rampaging Through Germany

No Shit..  Radio Frickin Active  BOARS!!!!  

That is a 10+ on the awesome scale.   That's a SciFi original movie right there...

People laugh when we talk about the zombie apocalypse and there are radioactive boars already running AMOK in Germany and vampire bats biting the crap out of hundreds of people in Peru...

Fools I tell you..  Can GIANT radioactive boars  be far behind?

GIANT ZOMBIE  radioactive boars ?

What we need is a response team.     Ready to travel on an instants notice to far away lands, track down the  critters and shoot them.

It sounds like hell, but if I can get some Obama money to support my efforts, I'll put together a team and go on an international "good will" tour.

But before that we will need to train up in Texas..  Along the border..

Looking for Chupacabra  or 

GIANT ZOMBIE VAMPIRE Radioactive Wild Boars..  (created by the Umbella Corp)

That's the ticket..
Get Some...!!

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