Why Obama is JUST LIKE Reagan.

So let me get this right.

Ronald Reagan once said that 'Government is not the solution to our problems it is the SOURCE of our problems.'

Barry Suharto: a person of dubious faith, with a missing birth certificate and sealed college records, a man that spent 20 deaf years listening to a preacher ask God to damn our nation while palling around with people that were self admitted bombers, goes on an international apology tour to the nations that tacitly supported the sort of religious fanaticism that led a bunch of terrorists to attack us.

This man agreed to not deploy a missile shield that might protect us or our ally Israel from attack, at the request of Russia, for NOTHING in return while demanding that Israel negotiate with a group of terrorists that do not recognize their right to exist and have have sworn their destruction.  Somehow he also found time to return a bust of Winston Churchill to England that was loaned to us as a token of the UK's support after 9/11 and give the Queen of England DVDs that she can't play.

Next he proceeded to spend so much money that even the Chinese started being reluctant to buy our bonds, on such dubious ventures as bailing out Wall Street, nationalizing a car company and taking control of large financial industries.   He actually managed to do this in a way that caused the Russians and the French to lecture us on Capitalism.   His promise that unemployment would not go above 8.5% IF we let him spend this money was quickly forgotten as he invented a new term for measuring unemployment progress. "Jobs Saved or Created".  

Then came the "Summer Of Recovery" where he passed an unconstitutional health care bill hated by 60% of the people and even fewer people were working at the end of that summer than the beginning.

He followed this by additional spending on projects for (to fund?) union supporters seemed to make no difference; except leaving us 14 TRILLION dollars in debt with yearly 1.5 trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.  This in turn, sent the real unemployment (u6) rate soaring to 16% and the real inflation rate (which includes food and fuel) to 8.5%.

He added unelected, unvetted and unconfirmed 'tzars' to the governments payroll, some of which were admitted Communists, in such numbers that Congress almost took note.  Did I mention that their salaries are undisclosed as well?

This man, that loudly criticized Bush for his handling of hurricane Katrina, actually managed to make Bush look good by showing how HE handled the BP oil spill.   The net result was the loss of 20 thousand jobs, oil rigs leaving the gulf, and a further ban on off shore drilling at a time when we desperately need affordable fuel.

The housing market collapsed further (can you go below zero?), the banks are still not making loans, and now he thinks that the way to fix this problems is to..  Wait for it…  Yeah..  He wants to "invest" (aka spend) MORE money on infrastructure as if that will help people get loans and buy houses.

So the press calls this the "new normal" as if that will make it better.

27 states sued and a federal court ruled that the Health Care Bill  was unconstitutional. In response, he said that the government? would IGNORE the courts ruling and proceed as if nothing had happened.  If you or I did this we would be arrested for contempt and tossed in jail,  but he put his hand on a bible and SWORE to protect and defend the Constitution and the press reports it like it means nothing.

Leaked documents now show that not only did he funnel money to Mideast dictators that we know are not only selling drugs but are also talking to and influencing the people that provided haven for the planners of the 9/11 attacks.

He GAVE the nuclear secrets of our greatest friend in the world (well the Brits WERE our best friends) to the Russians to sweeten a START treaty that even the experts agreed we don't need and would do little good.

Egypt's collapse may close the Suez Canal, cause fuel shortages, and provoke another war in the Mideast or an attack on Israel and even his envoy and his secretary of state are saying opposite things to the press.

In response to all of this, the press runs a picture saying that he is JUST LIKE REAGAN almost ON Ronnie's birthday.

I think I'm going to have a stroke.