Hello Captain Obvious..

"Consumer Reports: GM's Volt 'doesn't really make a lot of sense'"

Ya think? Damn I wish I didn't own stock in GM..

"The magazine has put about 2,500 miles on its Volt. It paid $48,700, including a $5,000 markup by a Chevy dealer.

Champion noted the Volt is about twice as expensive as a Prius."

$48,700 FREAKING DOLLARS?!! Is that Zimbabwe dollars? Cause otherwise this turkey makes no sense at all.

So to recap..

If you are a moron and have 50 grand around the house you too can buy a car that can go 25-27 miles in the winter then recharge for 5 hours.

Actually no self respecting moron would buy one.

Did I mention they want 50 GRAND for this POS?

Oh.. You don't get to be warm either.

"You have seat heaters, which keep your body warm, but your feet get cold and your hands get cold,"


I think it should come with a portrait of Obama, on the dash like like the NY cabs with the maharishi on them. That way you can pray to your moron, man child, god, for a frick'in tow truck to come get you in the winter..


Let's call it the Chevy Dolt..

Cause that's the only people that will be driving them.

Of course GM is "too big to fail" so I guess the government will bend me over and take a few more bucks when this giant turkey get added to the dictionary besides the Edsel as an "EPIC FAIL"