Courthouse Arrests May Have Terror Link

"Courthouse Arrests May Have Terror Link"  "MAY?!"    Let's go over this.

"Inside the van, officials say they found "photographs of infrastructure" including photos of shopping malls, water systems, courthouses and other public buildings which they say were taken in cities nationwide."


Broke into a court house by crawling through a window in the middle of the night to get a "better view"  Mmm Kay...   Check..

There is a military intelligence convention underway at the city's Convention Center a couple of blocks away..   (TOTALLY coincidentally I the  Convention Center is in view of the 4th floor of the court house..)


So, either  they were looking for a falafel vendor and got confused or they were the lead recon team for a number of cells planning nation wide attacks on infrastructure..

I'm thinking they had the late night munchies for falafel and figured a court house was just the place to go.

MAY?...   jeeze...

Until we start calling a spade a spade and take their actions at face value, we are just "between" attacks and sooner or later one is going to slip through.

This "PC" BS is going to get people killed.