Completely rambling rant.

Our incompetent President is in over his head, and no one is reporting it except Fox. You know, they aren't "really" a news organization. (read, they didn't bow down to his greatness)

Let's get started on this rant. Warning: LANGUAGE... Yes, this is a rant, sometimes I use words not fit for polite company. Sorry about that. Stop right here if that bothers you.

Ok then...

Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:06pm EDT

"There will be vaccines for everyone," Sebelius said at a hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee.

There are about 300 million potential users, she said, adding that not all Americans will opt for the shot. The first doses should be available within the next four weeks, according to the FDA.

I guess that would be Oct 15...

Well it's now Nov 1 and less than 6 million doses are available.

My wife's a doc. She treats H1N1 cases every day. She hasn't been vaccinated yet.

Stop here for a second and imagine if H1N1 ended up being as bad as the 1918 flu.. It COULD have happened and all of the health care workers would have been infected trying to treat the hordes of dying folk. We dodged a bullet, but that was blind ass luck. (hoping for luck is NOT a winning strategy)

Though she is backing away from it now, Sebelius initially said that the "folks" held in Guantanamo would get it first.

She also said that we would distribute 10% to other countries, even before we have vaccinated our most vulnerable. (Kids and Pregnant Women)

I have an idea, let's put these incompetent fucks in charge of our health system and 6% of the US economy. Sounds like a GREAT idea.

You think Bush did a bad job of handling Katrina? IF they were running the Katrina disaster the people would still be waiting for aid.

The good news is that the press would be telling stories about how thoughtful Obama was about making the right decision, so his waiting to help was a "good thing"

Here is the theme of this government. "It doesn't matter that we are obviously incompetent and in over our heads. We can't get the small shit right, but give us a shot at the ENORMOUS stuff cause we hope we can change something.

Not to worry, if it doesn't work we will do it harder until it does or until the dollar is not worth wiping you ass with."

Speaking of Katrina, Obama did stop there for a couple of hours on his way to a 3 million dollar fund raiser. WTF, do they want? help? Screw'em they will vote for him anyway, so why stick around?

Imagine if Bush had done that.

When Bush met with the loved one's of the fallen soldiers, he did it in private. There were NO photos and the only accounts we have were from the family members involved.

OMG! Imagine the press reaction if Bush had hauled his press photographers in tow for those solemn meetings.

The PR in Chief, Obama OTOH, took a passel of photographers with him to document him saluting the caskets. Great photo btw, Who taught him how to salute anyway? God knows he didn't learn it the service of his country. (Personal note from a solder. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you arrogant, narcissistic, dangerously naive, asshole. You aren't qualified to salute these REAL men that gave their lives following your orders, while you sit there rotating on your thumb trying to figure out the best POLITICAL move.

They are dying due to your inability to make a decision; check that; We know you don't give a shit about anything but your political moves. You already have a plan on your desk asshole. You just don't know what to do with it because Soros forgot to give you instructions when he visited the white house.

To recap.

They are now saying that the H1N1 virus will almost be over before the vaccine arrives.

The economy will recover before the stimulus money gets spent

The new health care plans is 1900 pages of incomprehensible bullshit
up from 1000 pages of incomprehensible bullshit and won't cover as many people but will cost a TRILLION dollars that we DON'T HAVE, you twit.

Cash for Clunkers cost us 25,000 per car and did nothing, since car sales crashed the next month. It did send a bunch of money to honda, toyota..

CIT just went bankrupt taking 2 BILLION tax dollars with it.

The bailout money didn't work

Obama promised that he would create 3 million jobs. He now claims to have "created or saved" about a million even though there is no way to measure "saved" jobs. The only think we know for sure is that we have 10% unemployment (17% really, if you count those that quit looking)

Government jobs do NOT count in my book.

If he DID create 1 million jobs, that works out to $161,000 per job, with most of them going away as soon as the money is spent.

Every child born start out $38,677.46 in debt just to cover the existing public debt.

The stimulus bill didn't work. Hell, most of it hasn't been spent yet.

Obama wants to triple the debt, whilst using cap and trade to "bankrupt the coal industry"

He is all about Hope and Change but his change scares the crap out of me.

So where are we?

The media is running stories about people hoarding ammo and guns as if these people are nuts.

I say, if you aren't they you are nuts.
When this all breaks, and it IS going to break. It's a matter of WHEN not IF.

There are going to be four sorts of people.

People that made it happen.
People that watched it happen
People that wonder WTF happened?
and a few that tried to stop it from happening.

Unless you are in category 4, I'm not going to have much sympathy for you later.

It's time to take sides.
Time to vote like it is YOUR country.
Time to vote like YOU are paying for all this.
Time to vote like a responsible adult, not a "I want my FREE Obama Money" child.

Its time to put the people that are paying the bills in charge again.

It's time to tell the Republican's that Democrat light will NOT cut it. If I wanted to voted for a liberal, I'd vote for the real thing. I will not vote for ANY party. I will vote for responsible people that support the American ideal REGARDLESS of party.

If I have a doubt, I'm going to vote against anyone that supports increased spending and increased government control of our lives.

My politicians will answer for their voting record alone. I don't give a rats ass what they SAY, becuase I know they lie. I only care what they do. That means that I will have a bias AGAINST incumbents unless their record convinces me they are on the same page as me.

Is that fair? Perhaps not. I no longer give a shit if it's fair. We are past that.

When the wolf comes, and you are not ready, don't say you weren't warned.

H.L. Menken said.

“Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”

Politically, I'm hoisting the black flag.

I've known for awhile that I have no party.

I'm a privateer.

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