Prosecutor: Agent infiltrated Christian militia

On first blush, this would be a good thing no?   Who the hack wants Christian militia or anyone else plotting the violent overthrow of the government?    If they were planning to hurt police officers just to foment rebellion then of course I want my government to step in and put a halt to it.

This comment is not about that.   First, read the AP story, summarized here..

"three unspecified arrests of unspecified persons for unspecified crime/s in unspecified places, insinuating that unspecified persons may belong to an unspecified militia."

What bothers me is the timing of it all.   Sure it could be a chicken and egg problem, but have you noticed how the  media has associated "tea party" and Christian militia.    Google   this   Christian militia tea party
 and take a look at the hits.    As for timing, how is it that the health care bill passes, black lawmakers "claim" that racial slurs were hurled at them, even though no video shows it and then the FBI suddenly finds a militia that wa just about to attack the police.     In their words, just days away.   (side note.. if it really was just days away, they waited too long)

I'm not into conspirices.  Generally the political side of the government couldn't keep a secret if it had to, but that doesn't preclude sops trying to curry favor with their masters by timing a raid and leaking "tea party" thoughts to the slobbering media hacks.

Just say'in that something about this raid stinks.. 

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