Since Obama loves the CBO..

 "U.S. fiscal policy is unsustainable, and unsustainable to an extent that it can't be solved through minor changes".

  1. A record $220.9 billion deficit in February alone
  2. For every dollar in taxes and other revenues
                 the federal government took in, the government
                 SPENT $3.05.
  3. Five-month deficit total: $651.6 billion, more
                 than 10 percent higher than last year's record.
  4. The five-month total is larger than any YEAR in
                 American history prior to 2009.
  5. The FY2010 budget deficit is now projected to
                 be $1.56 trillion AFTER stealing from the Social
                 Security Trust fund.

  6. The CBO projects that interest payments on the
                 debt will total $916 BILLION annually by the
                 end of the decade.

 "It's a matter of arithmetic."

to paraphrase SNL..

Pelosi, you ignorant slut..

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