The bad news is that Israel is surrounded by countries that want to kill them all.
The good news is that they are all so pathetically inept that they keep getting themselves killed.

The news seems to believe that if you are not on the side of the "peace activists" (you know, the one's that want to supply Hammas with rockets and other humanitarian aid) then you are a right wing racist.

It's not like they are carpet bombing Palestinian or whatever, all they've done is whack a few idiotic genocidal maniacs hippy peace activists.

If they DID carpet bomb Gaza then what?

They’d get yelled at by Europe, the U.N. would condemn them — basically Israel’s average Tuesday, and they would just go on trying not to get blown up, hit with rockets fired from nurseries and schools and other boring "survival" related stuff whilst killing the occasional hippy.

So the way I see it is that the only reason they don’t kill everybody is because they want to be seen as good guys.

Good job Israel. Suggestion.. Next time just blow up the rudder on the boat and leave it.

Let the hippies/terrorists supporters row home..

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