U.N. investigator calls for halt to CIA drone killings

Says it could lead to a "PLAYSTATION MENTALITY"

"Because operators are based thousands of miles away from the battlefield, and undertake operations entirely through computer screens and remote audio-feed, there is a risk of developing a 'Playstation' mentality to killing," he said, referring to the popular Sony video game console."

ROFLMAO here boss.

It's what we do best.. We have entire industries dedicated to optimizing the process of reducing terrorists into their constituent molecules without risking OUR lives.

No doubt this dip shit wants us to put genuine Americans into harms way just to satisfy some sort of 'fairness' desire on his part.

Actually it's a trick statement. He knows we can't go into Pakistan to "arrest" them so we would have to just sit on our thumbs and watch.

Average Americans build monster trucks to just go crush cars on weekends. What do you expect professional American engineers to build when that focus turns to killing terrorists?

Someone once said that Americans are slow to rouse but once they start killing they do so with a "workmen like efficiency"

Yes they do. So what?

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