Setback: BP cap in limbo over gov't questions

"BP's work on capping the Gulf of Mexico gusher was frozen Wednesday after the federal government raised concerns the operation could put damagingpressure on the busted well that could make the leak worse.

An administration official, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the talks with BP, said the government was acting out of "abundanceof caution" and didn't want potentially dangerous pressure tests on a tighter containment cap that has been placed over the well to go ahead until BP answers questions about possible risks."

So.. did this sneak up on them? Did the Energy Secretary not know that BP was going to attempt to cap the well? I thought he was "IN CONTROL" of BP..

Did they not think about the possible effects that might happen, until this morning?

Are they retarded? (Don't answer that..)

I have to disagree that this is Obama's Hurricane Katrina

Obama is Katrina... presidential disaster of epic proportions elected by the uneducated that will sit there and DIE waiting for the government to save them.

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