Governments Lie. (Who would have thunk it.)

"During the Great Depression, government officials, mainstream financial analysts, and global bankers, released press notices and interviews every year for over a decade, all claiming that “recovery” was just around the corner, that good times were back again. Then, we witnessed a world war. A third of the planet was leveled, but America (unlike most countries) came out with its industrial base still intact, and so, we called it a recovery (actually just a reallocation of world assets into one of the few un-scorched nations left) and happily skipped on our way towards the comparably decadent 1950’s.        "    

So how's employment going during this "recovery summer?"

"The World Hurts More Without The Truth
My favorite propaganda trend in the mainstream media today is one directed at researchers like myself who expose the darker side of our economic and political environment. The term “Apocalypse Porn”, or “Doomer Porn”, is rising as the preferred Ad hominem attack on Liberty Movement writers, in place of “conspiracy theorist” which doesn’t seem to be working for them anymore. The MSM apparently spends more time trying to develop ‘memes’ like this than they do actually researching the so called news they propagate. The insinuation is that we either embellish data to make it seem more frightening than it actually is, or, that by reporting on valid but terrible news, we are a “danger” to society, because we perpetuate fear. Basically, it is the beginnings of an argument for suppression of 1st Amendment rights."

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So..  on that happy note.

Carry on.