Obama calling for more infrastructure spending

"put construction workers, welders, electricians back to work"

Oh.. another payoff to the unions.  Good idea.   They are so popular right now.

"Obama will also call for the creation of a permanent infrastructure bank that would focus on funding national and regional infrastructure projects."

Another government run, government regulated, government bureaucracy run by Obama appointees to find a way to make regular union payments.

JUST what we Tea Party types have been asking for.

I have an idea, that I have boiled down to just a few concise words.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.   

How about we we make it clear that we are going to vote ANYONE that remotely supports this sort of continued BS out of DC so fast their head will spin.  NOTE>> Did I mention PARTY?  No I did not.
WE DON'T CARE WHAT PARTY votes for this crap we care what person does, and will vote against them.  It's the economy stupid..

The immediate needs demands that we deal with congress between now and Nov 2.   With hard work we will have at least put the people in place to achieve gridlock long enough to focus on 2012 and finding someone willing to roll back this craziness.   

At best, we can hope that is is just tactical maneuver hoping to force the Republicans to say NO and the Dems hope that by doing that, they won't be held accountable.   The press will say.. "see, if they didnt say NO, it would all be better..  Bad Republicans.  Bad,Bad... "  To the  the Reps.  We've got your back on this.   Sometimes HELL NO is the correct answer and everyone knows it.

I know.  It's our own fault that we got into this mess.  It is our duty to get ourselves out and as nice as it would be to go back simply voting party lines, those days are over.  From now on.  

Forever.   We have to look at everything any politician does as suspect until proven otherwise.  We have to keep track of everything we can and, no matter how worthy the cause, ask ourselves if this is REALLY the role that the founding fathers expected our government to play.

If the answer is no, the the politician that even suggested it needs to go.   

We have learned a lesson, now it's time to teach it to our elected representatives.