Gun Safety.

Have you ever noticed the implicit contradiction about anti-gun people?

The anti-gun people simultaneously don't want people, especially children, to see, hear touch or learn about guns but they expect them to know how to handle them safely when they, inevitably, come in contact with one

Is it not illogical to fight against education and then lament the problems caused by ignorance? That, seemingly, obvious fact seems to either be lost on them or a solution that can only be arrived at by government regulation rather than simple education.

When my children were in school I offered gun safety training to the other parents, especially the anti-gun people. My argument to them was, and is, this. No matter your stance on gun ownership and control, there is a high likelihood that you or your children are going to be come in contact with a gun at some point in your lives. It is better to be educated about the rules of safe gun handling, even if you never INTEND to be around them, than to remain ignorant. It is absolutely possible to teach gun safety without advocating gun ownership. We teach our children countless safety tips. If I say "stop drop and roll" you know what I'm talking about. Why not teach "don't touch, leave and tell an adult" the same way?

The anti gun folks argue for "common sense" Does not common sense start with an acceptance of reality?

Like it or not, we are a country where personal gun ownership is a protected right that millions of people exercise. That is not going to change in our lifetimes. How many lives could be saved if we accepted that fact and taught the basics of safe gun handling to everyone from an early age?