Self Defense and Women

I was at a website the other day that proposed that women take self defense courses as an alternative to being armed and linked to a nice page of some woman with a pile of trophies in this or that martial art. She had all kinds of "what to do if" instructions on her site and I'm sure she means well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for self defense training, especially for women, but depending on your training to overcome a 6'2" 225lb man that just "graduated" from the Attica school for boys, and lettered in weight lifting, is not going to play out like the movies. 95+% of the time a large man attacking a smaller woman wins. Sadly, it's really that simple.

I sorry if this is scary but this is what really happens..

If he closes to contact distance, you are dead. Whatever happens from then on is HIS choice, not yours. He can go from standing still to being in contact with you from more than 21 feet away, in less than 1.5 seconds (see Tueller Drill). You do not get to say "hold on" I need to get into my crane stance. Unless you were already on guard, you won't see it coming.

The first sign that you are being attacked might be the fist hitting your face and, unless you have taken a punch to the face before, most people are just too stunned to do anything but fall down and cover. When you are on the ground and unarmed the fight is already over. You lose.

Bad guys, don't know that they are not supposed to attack in gangs and they don't know that head, knee and groin blows are forbidden. Nor do they know that it's not ok to use a gun, a baseball bat, or a knife and attack from behind. They are not fair, they are predators. Watch any NatGeo special to understand how they work. They hunt in packs. They single out the one they perceive of as weak and wait for a moment of inattention to attack.

It is NOT RANDOM to them. Only you. They've been hunting all night for the right prey.

I have women in my life that I would die for without a second thought. (though that is NOT plan A)

You can be sure I want them to have every possible advantage when I'm not there to protect them and be ready to help ME when I am. I don't want them or me in a fair fight. Ever. I want them to have overwhelming force at their command regardless of the size and number of people they face.

In my opinion going to a martial art makes sense when you have run out of bullets, knives, batons, rocks, pepper spray, and still haven't be able to run away.

Who knows, your crane stance might cause him to die laughing.