"And where were all those folks with their concealed guns to help out this poor woman?"

Sometimes a post has something that just stops me in my tracks, it's so breath taking.

In the linked post, the blogger (anti-gun blog) points out some stupid gun things.
One of the links is to a woman shot and killed in an elementary school parking lot.

So fare I'm with her, then she asked this..

"And where were all those folks with their concealed guns to help out this poor woman?"

This was my answer.. we will see if it gets posted there..


I have a different take on this shooting. I am not going to try and find some nit picking detail to disagree with I'm going to ask you a much, much harder question, but first, let me answer your question.

"And where were all those folks with their concealed guns to help out this poor woman?"

The answer is; Right where the anti-gun folks put them, that is, somewhere ELSE or DISARMED.

You *should* be asking where were all those police to help the poor woman, and prevent her husband from taking the first shot. You should be ticked off that the Police didn't prevent this to start with.

Anyway, why in the world would you EXPECT a permit holder to step in instead of calling the police.

Like you always say. Even if he did intervene, "bad" things could happen and there is no guarantee that he wouldn't make things worse. Perhaps an errant shot would have flown towards the school or an innocent bystander. I remember in your other posts you expect perfection from permit holders in that situation.

Better to call the police and wait for them to arrive than risk it is the action I believe you advocate.

Unarmed people, dialing 911 and waiting?

Isn't that precisely what happened? Yes, the woman was killed, but no civilians, no permit holders, used guns.

In any case, you have also been outspoken about anyone carrying a gun into a school area on this blog.

In one post pointing out the guy arrested for leaving a gun (locked) in his car.

So,should a nearby permit holder have VIOLATED the laws you support by bringing a gun into a school zone? He would have to be on the parking lot of a school *with* a gun to make a difference.

Would you want him to break the laws that you advocate?

Of course, by those same rules, even if this woman had been a permit holder and even if everyone in the school had been permit holders, ALL of those guns would have been locked away in their cars or at home.

WE don't think that is a good idea, but VPC, Brady and your posts indicate that you all do so is it not fair to ask you to explain how your way is better? How it made a difference?

It's as predictable as rain that a bad guy with a gun would choose to go THERE first.

What does he know for sure?
1) She will be there to get her daughter at a predictable time.
2) There is NO ONE there that also has a gun. No one to stop him.

You think a restraining order would have stopped him?
That the GUN FREE ZONE sign would stop him?

In Time?

These are the rules you support, yet you ask why WE didn't intervene?

What did you EXPECT would happen under your rules? Surely not this.

This is exactly what WE predicted and predict.

If we had OUR way she would have been armed and trained and *might* have stood a chance. There are no degrees of dead. How could it have been worse for her?

The hard question.

Perhaps instead of asking where all of the permit holders are, you should be asking VPC they feel any responsibility for the death of this woman?

Everyone was following the rules that the VPC and Brady and Baldur and you support. Except the bad guy and he was breaking ALL those laws, like they always do.

Like they ALWAYS will.