Dealing with gun violence. Close your eyes, click you heels three times and say you wish you were in Kansas.

So I am on the anti-gun blog.. and MikeB302000 says. "Phony balonies. First they give us all that macho wanna-be tough-guy talk then make lengthy excuses for the guy who decides not to save the day.

 The fact that sticks in their craw is that a gun is very unlikely to help and much more likely to be MISused in some way. That makes them guilty of having made a bad decision in the first place, and nobody likes to admit that.

 Upon further examination it's clear their wrong decision about guns was fear-driven. This is doubly embarrassing. Poor gun-rights advocates."

 SOoooo Here is my reply that will likely not get past Joan's moderator button...

 Actually it seems to be the mindset of half the country. They consistently refuse to do anything to prepare themselves for the bad things that can happen in life. Not just self defense, but basic natural disasters (think Katrina or Irene), then they are utterly shocked when the government isn't there to make it all better until days or weeks after the fact (or 10 or 20 minutes in the case of needing the police)

 They almost always say words to the effect of "We don't need to have [whatever] since [the Police,Fire, FEMA, SWAT, etc..] will surely save us when we need them" "Oh, and by the way, "YOU" are not qualified to do their job. So you shouldn't be ALLOWED to be in a better situation than US"
 Kind of an odd class envy, since they imagine themselves in the "enlightened class" and us the neanderthals. Clinging bitterly.. Well, you know the drill..

 To make matters worse, they deride anyone that takes an opposing view as paranoid, cowboy wanna be, or looking for trouble.    That is UNLESS they NEED them, then they EXPECT help from the people they spend the rest of their time vociferously opposing.

 They say.. "What you had a GUN and DIDN'T HELP ME?!"
The answer should be "You mean the gun you don't even want me to HAVE?"

 That is why it is so shocking to them when they hear us say. "Hold on.. We are NOT the police. We are NOT going to save you. YOU should have been better prepared, cause buddy YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN" They spend their whole lives denying that they could ever "be on their own" They are torn when they see that shootings happen.

 On one hand, it CAN'T happen without the Police responding immediately and saving them BUT even they see the reality of what happened "that time" so either it is an anomaly or, more likely, it is SOMEONE ELSE's fault. Must be all those folks that COULD carry, but weren't around or didn't come running to their aid. No way, the people involved should have been prepared to defend themselves. That's the police's job. That's DOGMA.

 So they are left with this. "Well if you are not there to save ME when I need you, then you don't NEED a gun either." The assumed entitlement of that mind set should be stunning to anyone that's read "the grasshopper and the ant" but whatever..

 It's a mind set of people that believe that anytime they have a NEED especially in an emergency, someone else has an OBLIGATION to fill that need. They don't have emergency supplies in their cars because AAA is always there. They don't have more than a couple days food in their homes because the stores are open 24/7 They don't own a gun because the NEVER go anywhere they would need one. Like an IHOP I guess. If they lost power and water for more than three days because a tornado took out the local power lines and hit the grocery store, they would be forced to abandon their lives and seek a government shelter. They are three days from living like the folks on the news with Katrina but will deny it all day long because this time it will somehow be "different" and anyway, it CAN'T HAPPEN TO THEM.

 The kicker is that it REALLY bothers them that other people not only disagree, but take concrete steps to not NEED the government at any level, because it makes them face the fact that in a BAD situation they are simply unprepared to do anything but wait for someone (anyone) ELSE to come to the rescue and if it comes to repelling gun violence. Well.. Forget about it. (better yet.. just deny it..) After all in I am preparing for something that CAN'T happen, then I must either be crazy or THEY must be wrong. They have infallible leftist DOGMA on their side, therefore.. I must be crazy and need to be restrained.

 This thinking permeates their side from the basics of survival all the way to their thoughts on the role of government.

 Since we live in a more or less civilized culture, the odds of any one person encountering violence or disaster are pretty low but they absolutely hate you to point out the inconsistency.

 Joan, you often point out that we live in a country that has "The MOST gun deaths, of any country not at war" How do you square that with telling people that THEY don't need someway to protect themselves from GUN violence? You tell people, they don't need guns in a society that you are just as quick to point out, has a MASSIVE gun violence problem.

 I assume the people you come in contact with are not usually violent criminals, so you are talking almost 100% to potential victims, not people that would initiate a crime. You are telling them. "Guns are bad. Guns are dangerous. So you should willingly disarm yourself because the risk of owning a gun outweighs the benefit and nothing BAD can happen. Just stay away from IHOPs, Coffee shops  and Colleges, and you will be fine."

 I know you believe that. I know you mean well.

 Just don't take us to task because we say "Yes we carry, but we are not responsible for you.
 Your safety is YOUR responsibility in ALL situations, at ALL times.
 Not just ones that involve guns but in every aspect of your life.

 Is it so wrong to tell you to prepare accordingly or be prepared to accept the consequences of your decisions?