Christmas Is almost here (updated)

So, I've decided to consolidate my material things wish list for the new year.

  • Bipod and 3x9 scope for the 10/22 that I don't know about and might get. if I've been good :-) 10/22 (CHECK!!) SCOPE (CHECK) BiPod (Not yet)
  • Additional 3x9 scope for my M4 (CHECK)
  • Cross Draw vest (CHECK)
  • Additional belt mounted single .223 mag carriers (blade tech kydex I think)
  • Additional .223 30rd PMAGs from MagPul. I bought two to check them out. Now I need a LOT more so my cheezy metal mags are being demoted to training mags. (update I found a source where you can get the gen 1 window pmags for $10 EACH!! in tens...) So I have at least 10 on the way.. more if my wife isn't looking to closely.. (CHECK)
  • Ammo.. .45 .223 .22 .380 .303 7.62x39 Good God where does it all go?
  • .22 resettable target stands for WW IV games.
  • Targets from LE Targets (SBE, Zombie etc.
  • 1000 Meter Laser Range finder. Bushnell Scout 1000 (ARC) (CHECK!!)
  • SOG Seal Pup Elite Fixed blade knife. Too many knives? Bah.. My rosy red buttocks...
  • bolt gun in .308 (M24 :-) )
  • new spotting scope, unless I can fix my POS scope

Just noted there is a decidedly gun related theme running so let's talk other hobbies.

  • FPV OSDV3 flying setup from range video plus camera for mounting in my Senior Telemaster
  • Second wireless guitar for RockBand. WHAT? You think I never play anything but War games?
  • Left For Dead 2 (just finished 1) Love killing zombies..
Made out like a fat cat!

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