“human and systemic failures” were to blame

Obama said that “human and systemic failures” were to blame

I agree, but I'd rather look forward than go back and revisit the last election.

Now that he's had pretty close to a year, how's that "Hope and Change" thing working our for ya?

You know what I think?

I would give him an A++ on gun sales, otherwise, not so good.

There have been two terrorist attacks on or above American soil since he took office. The news says that the number of attempts that have been thwarted have risen dramatically.

The problem is that perceived weakness is dangerous. It leads to people believing that they can get away with things.

So far, I can't blame them for feeling that way.

Obama responded to the arrest of the Proffesor Gates almost immediately. It took him three days to respond to the underwear bomber and he still hasn't figured out what happened at Fort Hood. At least not enough to call it terrorism, even though it now looks like the undie bomber and Hassan had a cleric in common.

The fun in Bizarro world continues.

Carry on.

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