.22 LR conversion kit for the AR

So I got one of those new fangled .22 conversion kits for my M4 style Bushmaster around Christmas and just now got to take it out for a spin.

It replaces the bolt carrier group and drops in as fast as you can yank out the old bolt and swap it it.

This is WAY too much fun. I was talking with another guy on the range and heard my wife laughing. Looked over and there she was hammering away with the M4, laughing and saying, "oh this is fun.."

She was right.

Imagine grabbing hand fulls of .223 and running hundreds of rounds through your AR without any thought about the cost of ammo..

Yeah.. I thought not..

Now, imagine 500 rounds of .22 costing what.. $16 for the cheap stuff?

It's hard to run 500 rounds though the AR in a morning (unless I buy a lot more mags.. hint, hint..)

I used one of these .22 conversion kits. and a couple of blackdog 25 round poly mags. (I normally use magpul so these feel right)

Total cost?

$160 for the conversion. $50 for two blackdog mags.

How long would it take to spend $210 in .223 ammo? Say $300 per 1000 from ammo man for the cheap wolf steel case stuff?

Ok.. so $35 ish for 1000 rounds of .22 $40 for the good stuff..

You get the same trigger pull and out to say 40 yards, the point of impact is not all that different.

I'm going to get a lot more trigger time.

Down side.. sort of..

It did have a failure to feed now and then and my wife ran into a genuine type 3 double feed.

Blame it on cheap ammo or whatever.

I call it a training opportunity.

Tap Rack is instinctive no? Me either.

I need to practice my reaction to malfunctions a lot more and to do that I need to feed the M4 a lot of cheap ammo so that they happen often enough to practice, but still be a "random" event.

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