Who cares about the doctors?

Who cares about the doctors?

"Amid the clamorous debate over health care, how much have you heard from the doctors? Very little. Nobody’s particularly interested in what they have to say. It’s taken for granted that they’ll always be there when you need them."

 My wife did a mid-life career change from power systems engineer to doctor.    It was a family decision.  It was hard.  As all worthwhile things are.

We put our own savings and investments on the line to bet on her ability to take our family to the next level of success in America.   We did this willingly, as free people intending to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  When I look back at the amount of time, sacrifice and work it took to from everyone.  Friends and family for sure, but most of all my wife.   It makes the actions of the Obama administration all the more breathtaking in it's sense of entitlement to her labor and it's arrogance in assuming that all doctors will go along.

Most doctors already willingly donate their time, money and labor to treat the poor.  

Are doctors well compensated?  Sure they are.   Have you every thought about why?

It's because doctors are morally entitled to regard themselves as profit-making professionals, not public servants.   They deserve every dime and your respect.  To the extent that they give of themselves, consider it just what it is, a gift, not a damn entitlement.

 When an EMT drags your half alive carcass into the ER do they check your ability to pay?   NO they do not.   They do EVERYTHING in their ability, using whatever resources the hospital has on hand to save you.   They took an oath to that effect.

How dare anyone require them to further sacrifice themselves?

When it is no longer their decision where to apply their labor, what to charge and what tests to run, then they are slaves and we have lost the country.

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