President Launches Last Push on Health-Care Overhaul

I love this quote..

'With polls showing that the legislation is unpopular and congressional Democrats bracing for big losses in this fall's elections, the president urged them to ignore the politics. "I do not know how this plays politically, but I know it's right," he said. "Let's get it done.'

Let me tell you "how this plays".

Dear Democrats;

You are about to get your respective asses handed to you high and fast. You want to go for the 'nuke' option. Go for it, but understand that the people we elect will reverse ALL of this BS just as fast with the same 'simple majority' vote.

Dear Republicans;

RINO's are about to become an even further endangered species. IF and I do me IF we decide to allow you to stay in office, we expect somethings to change.

1) Grow a pair of BBs and act like you are not a Democrat Lite.
2) Respond in kind, to everything the Dem's do. Fuck comity. They uncork the nuke option, you uncork the H-Bomb option. ALL they understand is force. We will do our part to vote them out of office. You do your part and roll back this nonsense.

Keep in mind that for all the left's disparaging remarks about the 9/12 folks, the tea party folks, Sons of Liberty etc.. They are not a bunch of red neck hilljacks. What you have here is a bunch of folks that have never bothered to get involved in politics on a personal level, rolling up their sleeves and deciding that NEITHER of the parties can be trusted with the country at the moment. The more the left underestimates the real anger the better. YOU underestimate it at your own political peril.

We are taking the central committees away from the party regulars because we know they can't be trusted any longer.

Get used to it.

You are either going to be on the bus or under the tires.

Final thought.

IF the Dems use the nuke option, I expect ALL business to be brought to a stop. I expect every request for anything on the floor to be objected too. I expect you to force them to use the nuke option to buy stamps.

That is all.

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