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For those that think allowing concealed carry in colleges increases the risk of students being injured in a shoot-out.

I agree, but I have a simple question.

Would you rather be in a shoot-out or a massacre?

Those are your only realistic choices.

I didn't know it at the time, but there was a spree shooting on the OSU campus the same day

Typical story. Guy is unhappy with boss. Shows up with the intention to shoot as many as possible then himself.

The police CANNOT deal with this problem. An active "spree" shooter starts shooting when he arrives and shoots as many people as possible UNTIL the police get there.

Let's say they are really, really fast. Five minutes a fair response time?

Q: How many shots do you think someone can fire in five minutes?
A: A freaking boat load.

Let's say one every two seconds. That is the rate of slow, well aimed, fire. that is 150 possible rounds not counting reload time. so let's take it way down.

Anyone think that 60 rounds in 5 minutes is too fast? 30? Ok. Using a modern 9mm handgun. thirty rounds can be fired with ONE magazine change.

Again. Would you rather be in a shoot-out or a massacre? 30 dead is a massacre by anyone's count. You keep disarming the potential victims by denying simple logic and this sort of event will happen over and over.

As someone said.. "An armed man will kill an unarmed man with monotonous regularity"

Wake up follks. Conceled carry will not ADD to the problem.

Just say'in.

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