The end of the road for Barack Obama?

It's interesting how they love to bash Fox news instead of dealing with their own failures. It's 'always' someone else's fault.

It's Bush's fault.

It's the tea-party 'racist' rabble rouser's fault.

After god knows how many speeches on health care, it's "America's" fault for just not understanding.

It's the Republican's fault for not allowing the Democrats to "rule" even though they control both houses with veto proof majorities (until recently)

Scott Brown's election to the bluest of states is obviously NOT Obama's fault even though Scott Brown ran on the point that he would be the 60th vote against.. Odd that..

Iran and Russia laughing in America's face is not because Obama looks weak.. It MUST be someone else's fault.

We just didn't bow low enough.

I guess. Those mean ol' Russians just don't feel his awesomeness..

The old joke goes, that the one common thing in all of your failed relationships is "you".

Perhaps the Obama administration's real problem is that we just don't want to go where they are trying to lead.


No Wait..

That would be OUR fault right?

It has possibilities..

I bet MSNBC would write the story

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